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InnQuirer Issue 66 - Spring 2018
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Chairman's Report
Real Cider and Perry Taste Introduction Latest Furness CAMRA Pub Awards
Beer Tasting - A guide to the Process National Beer Scoring System
Campaign for Real Lager ?????
Threshold Thoughts
Beer and Morris Dancing
The Month of May - mild for the time of year Calling all landlords!
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Diary plus Pub and Brewery Craic Crossword No. 24
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  Chairman/Branch Contact Press Officer and Public Affairs
Dave Stubbins 07807 836591
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 Deputy Chairman/Beer Festival Organiser
Steve Lewis 01229 581000
Dave Latham 01229 467238
 Social Secretary
Dave Wilson 07968 956089
Duncan Warren 07741 410614
 Membership Secretary
Malc Armstrong 07896 589159
 GBG Co-ordinator
Ken Parr
 Pubs Officer/WhatPub Entries
Ann Summers-Glass
 InnQuirer Editor
Jack Summers-Glass
01229 462076
 The Editor's View
By the time you read this issue, CAMRA's April Revitalisation will either be imminent or, more likely, passed and we will all know what was voted for and have a better idea of where we are heading as an organisation. We will also know what the makeup of the National Executive Committee is and who's new and who's gone.
Whatever happens, CAMRA is determined to carry on campaigning for all of you, drinkers, publicans and brewers alike. Being a member of CAMRA does not mean you have to only drink 'real ale' and nothing else. It means that you are interested in beer. That is, whatever beer is your favourite, of course, and hopefully all the other versions that you try and like or hate. Of course, we encourage you all to get to know what cask conditioned beer is and hopefully like what you taste. However, we can't forget that we now have can-conditioned, bottle-conditioned and key- cask as well as regular keg from a whole host of new and established brewers. CAMRA doesn't force you to drink only one thing - but it does encourage you to try container-conditioned beers as we believe that they are, or should be, at the top of the tree for beers.
Remember, too, that without the pubs and brewers, we have nothing so keep supporting them and (a little bias here) your local brewers in particular as running a brewery (not a beer factory!) is not an easy job and is not usually a road to riches!
 Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in articles in this magazine are not necessarily the same as those of Furness CAMRA or CAMRA in general.